Parking is available in our car park at the front of our premises.

Traditional Thai Massage

60 Mins $70
90 Mins $100
120 Mins $135

Aromatherapy Massage

60 Mins $70
90 Mins $100
120 Mins $135

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

60 Mins $75
90 Mins $115

Hot Stone Masage

90 Mins $135
120 Mins $150

Foot Reflexology Massage

60 Mins $70

Back, Head, Neck & Shoulder

30 Mins $40

Head, Neck & Shoulder

30 Mins $40

Skull Massage

20 Mins $30



Traditional Thai Massage
mixed with Aromatherapy

4 results in one – relaxation, deep tissue, stress relieve, pressure point & stretching. You can bring a friend or colleague along and you can both benefit from either of these great packages:

60 Mins 60 Mins
Full Body  Massage for 2 people Full Body  Massage
$135 (Save $5) $70


In just 90 minutes we will transform the way you feel! Treat yourself to a package that offers you great value for money, but more importantly a package that will work wonders for you.

A 30 minute Foot Reflexology session will awaken your feet and the rest of your body too, bringing you a new calmness that you may not have thought possible. Top this off with a 60-minute Aromatherapy Massage that works from head to toe and if you are not asleep at the end of this we will be very surprised!

30 Mins Foot
60 Mins Aromatherapy Massage
$100 (Save $10)


A simple, effective and relaxing way to gently assist your body’s own detoxification!. Our original AQUA DETOX system is base on Dr. Rife’s frequency discoveries in the 1930’s combined with modern ionization technology! Some common signs of toxicity: Feeling drained, brain fog, poor memory, headaces, muscle ache, joint pain, skin tissue, weight control problems, digessive issue, inflammation, immune disorders…

30 Mins